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Platform for wireless display


I'm looking for a suitable platform (hardware) for a
wireless "X display".  Ideally:
- around 4" diagonal (not much smaller)
- multichrome
- QVGA or better
- touch panel
- 802.11g (n preferred, b with serious misgivings)
- BT
- "decent" audio (2 ch preferred -- headphones acceptable)

Horsepower is a tricky question -- more is always better
but not at the expense of some of the above.

Battery life isn't as important (though, see below) since
the duty cycle will tend to be very low.

It's a small screen so a typical X $DISPLAY would tend to
use more resources (multiple fonts, backing store, etc.).

I'd like to initially deploy this as part of a home
multimedia/automation controller (much lower demands) but
would ideally like to scale it up for deployment in other

Given that initial application, my current thinking is
along the lines of a PDA (instead of a "tablet").  These
seem to be more readily "dockable"... less likely to be
left unconnected to a charger.  Also, the smallest tablets
that I've seen are in the 7" ballpark -- this gets to be
a bit bulky (esp for the future applications).

Also, given the initial application, I'd like to keep it
*inexpensive* (I'll need about a dozen of them).

Pointers to any likely candidates (I've been searching the
chinese "wholesale" sites but little luck, so far) in terms
of likeliness of a painless NetBSD port?  So far, the
best option seems to be some of the Compaq/HP iPaqs...


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