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attention NetBSD developers -- potential free development boards!

While searching for ARM9 development boards I came across the following
board which apparently comes with a supplemental CD containing
ready-to-run NetBSD:

Until researching further I had not made the obvious connection that
this is using the same chip as the TS-7200.  :-)

More importantly further reading on their site lead me to this page
where they're making an offer of free boards to open-source projects:

They have a fairly wide selection of ARM9 (and ARM7) boards that do not
yet run NetBSD.

Optimal Microsystems, who sell the Olimex boards in North America also
sell this board, and it would be nice to see NetBSD running on it as

I don't know if/when/how I can help with all this, but I'd sure like to!

BTW, has anyone written a nice overview of all the many ARM an MIPS SoC
implementations and how they relate to NetBSD, or could relate to NetBSD
if someone were to take them on as porting projects?  ARM in particular
seems to have many variants of core CPU features and capabilities which
don't seem to relate well, if at all, with any of the higher-level
documentation for NetBSD that I can find (i.e. on

                                                Greg A. Woods

+1 250 762-7675                                RoboHack 
Planix, Inc. <>      Secrets of the Weird 

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