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Advice sought: which X11 for NetBSD 5.* (going forward) ??

Long ago, I (and I suspect most other non-masochists) dumped the
native X11 on NetBSD 4 based systems in favour of the much more
modern pkgsrc modular Xorg system.

But, on NetBSD 5, I have continued using native X11 (Xorg based I
believe) rather than the pkgsrc version.

I'm wondering if it is time to flip the switch (with all the rebuilding
of the world that entails) ?

That is, has the pkgsrc version of X moved far enough ahead of the
version distributed with NetBSD 5 (releases, what's currently on the
netbsd-5 branch is 100% irrelevant unless NetBSD 5.2 ever appears)
that is likely to make it worth the effort of recompiling everything
from pkgsrc that's X related to do the switch?

Note, I'm not concerned (here) about the X server, nor support for
new graphics hardware, etc - it is the client side that matters for

Are there many (NetBSD) users currently using pkgsrc modular Xorg ?

I'm wondering, as there doesn't eem to be any immediate effort towatds
fixing stuff with the x11_xcb problem (like x11/startup-notification)
that compile fine with modular X-org, but fail on NetBSD 5 native X11.
(It is kind of weird to have packages that build on NetBSD 4, where I
am using modular Xorg, and fail on NetBSD 5)


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