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Get a new server - NetBSD vs FreeBSD

Hi List,
I'd like to collect some ideas for my little project..

The old servers I own are to be replaced, hardware is outdated, the
Linux there as well.

I have NetBSD on my Laptop and I am quite impressed by the clear and
functional design. Its really close to the traditional Unix-standards it
derives from. Also I maintain two FreeBSD-Desktops, they work well too.

What I expect from my new server (some fully integrated Asus-Board,
SATA-Disk) is some safe and low-maintenace machine. I had issues with
intruders, mailserver-relay tricks, bruteforce attempts and other, usual
annoyances on my Linux-servers.

My questions: For the sake of safety I would rather tend to the
regularily updated FreeBSD - probably one of the safest OS'ses around.
Otherwise I had some bad experiences with the ports and the dependencies
what can mess up an installation in a scary way with lots of work and
server downtime. 

NetBSD - I'd like to. But I am concerned about packages not to be on the
latest version and the general 'out of the box' apache, sql and
mailserver set. What speaks for it is the clear, downsized design of

Every opinion is welcome - I bet some of you have gone through this and
could help with some ideas and experiences.

herb langhans

sprachtraining langhans
herbert langhans, warschau
+0048 603 341 441

| jabber:herbs
| icq:414500866
| yahoo_im:herbert.raimund

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