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Re: Re: NetBSD is a Professionals Tool


>For I migrated to NetBSD a short while ago, specificaly to make use of
the advertised portability.

Quite good, I'm happy you want to use it.

>Could you point me in the direction of some good documentation that could
be used as a starting point?

The NetBSD website is the first and the best place to start looking for

>Or even better I you could provide your own documentationi (hint^^).
>I would be willing to proof-read and tryout.

At one time I was in the process of creating a fresh document but someone
with more NetBSD experience was also creating a similar document so I
stopped. But there any number of developers on this list with the ability
to help you when you encounter problems.

>My thought was to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi Computer and use that as
a starting platform. (Just need it to be made >available) Unless you can
suggest a decent low cost starting platform?

Sounds reasonable to me. I want one too!

>As at 25-35 euros, it would be an ideal system to display NetBSD's


Between the NetBSD manual, the porting guidelines,, and the
source code of a working port to use as an example there is plenty of
clearly written information available, it just needs to be corralled,
assimilated and refreshed.

As I said earlier I'm willing to spend 8 to 12 hours a week to help. So
perhaps that is where I'll start first.


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