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Re: NetBSD is a Professionals Tool


I for one would be very interessed in learning from your experience.
For I migrated to NetBSD a short while ago, specificaly to make use of
the advertised portability.
Though at the moment, I am still just playing about with the OS and have
not had the spare time to look into using it in embedded applications.

Could you point me in the direction of some good documentation that
could be used as a starting point?
Or even better I you could provide your own documentationi (hint^^).
I would be willing to proof-read and tryout.

My thought was to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi Computer and use that
as a starting platform. (Just need it to be made available)
Unless you can suggest a decent low cost starting platform?
As at 25-35 euros, it would be an ideal system to display NetBSD's



On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 12:27:48PM -0700, wrote:
> Hi, I been reading the ongoing conversations regarding NetBSD and its
> place among the various OS's and I'd like to reiterate this point of view.
> What NETBSD is not,
> 1. NetBSD is not a client OS but can be configured for that purpose.  And
> it excels in vertical market applications.
> 2. NetBSD is not an embedded OS but it excels at that task.
> 3. NetBSD is not a server OS but it excels at that task.
> 4. NetBSD is not an RTOS but it acquits itself very well when compared to
> other OS's not specifically designed to be an RTOS.
> 5. NetBSD is not a hobbyists OS but it is very easy to use and setup.
> What NETBSD is,
> 1. NetBSD is a professional's tool without all of the hype and the crap.
> As a technology contractor I spend my time working on other people's
> problems. Lately I've been doing a lot of eLinux work on custom hardware.
> In the cases where I am required to validate a brand new board (i.e. 1st
> bring-up) I can usually get NetBSD up and running in 3 days or less. My
> clients are more often than not amazed and when they ask me how I did it,
> I just say 'Oh, that's NetBSD running on your board', then they happily go
> away thinking that they can get their eLinux (or whatever) to work on
> their new hardware just as easily.
> Then comes that call that we all get about two weeks later, why isn't my
> eLinux (or whatever) running as well as NetBSD did on my brand new
> hardware? And I say to them 'Well, that's not NetBSD running on your
> board'.
> Perhaps there is a way to accentuate a professionals point of view and
> market NetBSD as such. I mean isn't that what is really happening anyway?
> P.S.
> I'm willing to spend a Saturday, 8 to 12 hours a week to help.

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