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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

| > | 1.  it allows pkgsrc packages to be built with exactly the versions of
| > | software that are wanted, and not what happens to be already installed
| > 
| > This all seems very far-fetched.
| It is certainly a real issue. Many software when built outside of ports 

For the record, I want to formulate the two points which probably
everybody will agree with:

1. The FreeBSD 'ports' system is adequate for most common use cases of
   open source software, but the (platform-neutral) 'pkgsrc' system
   offers some advantages over it, at least for sophisticated users.

2. FreeBSD loses to NetBSD in (at least) one respect: in addition to
   the (superior) 'pkgsrc' package system, it allows one to use the
   (inferior) 'ports' system.  Not only does FreeBSD allow to use
   'ports', it actively encourages one to do it, and obscures the fact
   that there is a more powerful packaging system, 'pkgsrc', which
   could also be used on that platform.

   NetBSD doesn't provide for uses of packaging systems inferior to
   'pkgsrc', and this is its strong point.

Am I accurate?   
-- Alex -- --

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