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Re: Install NetBSD amd64 using dk wedges scheme

(I am not subscribed to this list, so please cc me in replies.)

   Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 12:08:45 -0400
   From: Philippe Saint-Jacques <>

   Finally, when I reboot the machine, rEFIt find my NetBSD installation (it  
   displays the option, and the NetBSD icon with it), but when I select it. in
   boots in fact partition id #4 which is Windows. It should normally boot
   partition #5. It doesn't even boot the kernel at the root of /dev/dk4.

Can you show the output of `fdisk -vv wd0'?

Your disk's mbr needs an entry for NetBSD, and it must satisfy certain
constraints, before the rather finnicky Boot Camp will boot from it.
My notes on my MacBook1,1 say that Boot Camp will boot from an mbr
partition only if it is the active one and has boot code (of the
`fdisk -i' sort, not the `installboot' sort).  rEFIt may have slightly
different constraints, but I'm not sure -- I don't use it.

There are also only three mbr slots available for operating systems
(one of the usual four slots is taken by the gpt), so if you have two
for Mac OS X and one for Windows, as your gpt suggests, you may be out
of luck; I don't think that you can use an extended mbr for Boot Camp.
It may be possible to merge two Mac OS X mbr partitions into one,
since Mac OS X probably doesn't even look at the mbr -- but be sure
you have a backup of the mbr before you try this!

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