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Re: Hammer on NetBSD

OSol might be dead, but Illumos/OpenIndiana is not, and Nexenta is
still selling their ZFS-based product.  Because of this, I don't see
ZFS fading into the sunlight any time soon.  HAMMER seems nice though.


On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 10:43 AM, Stefano Marinelli
<> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> in the last days I've been inspecting my NetBSD backup machine. It has big 
> disks, but I've noticed that a good part of the data is duplicate. More, 
> using ffs there's no data checksumming, etc. So I've started to look around. 
> I already knew ZFS, which should have a preliminary (not working) support on 
> -current. But ZFS seem to have some license problems and, more, OpenSolaris 
> is almost at EOL so unless the FreeBSD team will "fork" it, I don't see a big 
> future.
> I was investigating on Hammer. It seems to be quite nice. It needs the 
> nightly "prune and reblock" cronjob but actually can almost run on any 
> hardware (and not, as ZFS, just on >512MB ram ones). Is there any plan to 
> port it to NetBSD? DragonFly is not bad, but the scalability, portability and 
> clearness of NetBSD is a big win for us :)
> Stefano

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