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Hammer on NetBSD

Hello everybody,
in the last days I've been inspecting my NetBSD backup machine. It has big 
disks, but I've noticed that a good part of the data is duplicate. More, using 
ffs there's no data checksumming, etc. So I've started to look around. I 
already knew ZFS, which should have a preliminary (not working) support on 
-current. But ZFS seem to have some license problems and, more, OpenSolaris is 
almost at EOL so unless the FreeBSD team will "fork" it, I don't see a big 
I was investigating on Hammer. It seems to be quite nice. It needs the nightly 
"prune and reblock" cronjob but actually can almost run on any hardware (and 
not, as ZFS, just on >512MB ram ones). Is there any plan to port it to NetBSD? 
DragonFly is not bad, but the scalability, portability and clearness of NetBSD 
is a big win for us :)


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