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Re: Building PXE/XIP environment

Hi Steve,

On 4/21/2011 4:06 AM, Steve Pribyl wrote:
Check out cobbler. Support rpm very well and deb packages
but I don't know how well.

I'm not sure what that will *buy* me?  I will check it out,

I would avoid system images, updating them is a pia and
take too many cycles.

Think:  "Appliance"

I figure I can get to where I ideally need to be (XIP) in a series
of steps:

1. CF/PXE boot kernel, NFS mount executables, 86 the swap
2. CF load kernel & local executables, no swap space
   (i.e., CF is R/O medium)
3. static builds of all executables, same environment
   (eliminate so's and the "patchup" required to load them)
4. XIP (?)

To that end, I figured a simple "X terminal" is a familiar
model to "bend" into that mold.  It's executables are of
limited number.  Many of its resources are already designed
to be "external" (e.g., font service).

Make my mistakes with something that already exists so I
know what to *avoid*, later (?)


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