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Re: writeable /dev/pad0?

On Thu, 21 Apr 2011, Malcolm Herbert wrote:

as I was hoping to pump test audio data into /dev/pad0 and then use esound on the associated /dev/audio0 to simulate what would happen on the production host ... unfortunately in 5.1 it appears that /dev/pad0 is read-only ...

It could be that I am misunderstanding what you plan to do here, but AFAIK pad backed audio devices are output only, so stuffing data into the /dev/pad side won't work.

(the "path" is application1 -> /dev/audioN -> pad -> /dev/padN -> application2; it's similar to tty/pty pairs)

But I see that it apparently lists both "playback" and "capture" in my dmesg. Hmm. For compatibility reasons I guess?


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