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Re: pxeboot_ia32.bin boot.cfg support how to?

Herewith my dhcp.conf.

On the client PC, when I press a key at the pxeboot_ia32.bin countdown
screen, and
type "load miniroot.kmod <enter>", then "boot tftp:netbsd <enter>",
it all works i.e. the G4U help screen is displayed as it should.
Only I can't get the boot.cfg file loaded to automate the G4U booting.

Would it be possible to send me your bootconf enabled pxeboot_ia32.bin
file i.e. the one that you mention in ?


2011/4/19 matthew sporleder <>:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 4:52 AM, Thierry Debaene
> <> wrote:
>> Hello Matthew,
>> I was very pleased with your
>> explanation and
>> I'm currently trying to PXE boot G4U without NFS-server but can't get
>> pxeboot_ia32.bin request the boot.cfg file.
>> I think the "bootconf" option is still disabled in pxeboot_ia32.bin.
>> Could you tell me how to activate this?
>> I downloaded Jibbed-5.1 live CD but "installboot" does not recognize
>> the option "-o bootconf" neither is it present in "man installboot".
>> The full command I used as root is: "installboot -e -o bootconf
>> pxeboot_ia32.bin" found in section examples at
> I've added
> I think the -e -o bootconf might only be in -current.
> You should be looking at
> Also it might help to see your dhcp configuration.


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