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Fwd: Load balancing outgoing traffic (pools with PF and IPFILTER)

Hi, I just wanted to follow up on something I recently found being new
to ipfilter as well which might help someone out in the future:
ippools.  I believe this might be a feature of more recent NetBSD
releases, however I may be mistaken.  As I've mentioned,
I just discovered this feature myself as I am setting up a
NetBSD-based DNS Server with ipfilter.  A great firewall package all
around.  Here is a link to the appropriate manual page.  Regards

On 4/12/11, Stefano Marinelli <> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I've some Alix boards with NetBSD... I was planning to do load
> balancing between the two connections to achieve better results. The Alix
> had 3 network ports, so it could be perfect. After a short research, I've
> found out there's no way to do it with ipfilter (or is it possible?), but
> can be easily done with pf.

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