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Re: IPPROTO_ESP and vpnc

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 2:23 AM, Michael van Elst <> 
> (matthew sporleder) writes:
>>Okay, that's helpful.  I am also unable to create a IPPROTO_AH socket.
>>I'm not sure if I should blame xen or something else.
> Blame the kernel without IPSEC support that doesn't know the IPSEC
> protocols and thus cannot create sockets for them.
> You could try to create a socket with unspecified protocol.
> --

Okay, so this seems to be wrong.

Apparently my /netbsd is not the kernel that is booting.  I -do- have
ipsec in my kernel based on:
sysctl -a |grep ipsec

returning all kinds of stuff.

However, mysql and panix support are confirming that having ipsec
enabled in the kernel results in permissions problems in socket()
calls when ESP or AH.


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