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Re: pkgsrc as non-root user?

David Chanters <> writes:

> I'm reading the FAQ for pkgsrc which talks about using pkgsrc as a
> non-root user:
> But despite reading it a few times I am still unclear what it is I am
> supposed to do.  The first paragraph there says:
> "If you want to use pkgsrc as non-root user, you can set some
> variables to make pkgsrc work under these conditions. At the very
> least, you need to set UNPRIVILEGED to “yes”; this will turn on
> unprivileged mode and set multiple related variables to allow
> installation of packages as non-root."
> Which is fine -- I can edit mk.conf as apropriate.

Don't. Do "./bootstrap --unprivileged" instead.

It will install another copy of bmake and pkg tools, but you avoid
many more problems.

> But is the
> expectation that pkgsrc still resides under "/usr" -- and if so, am I
> supposed to manually fix up the permissions on /usr/pkgsrc/* myself so
> that a non-root user can rw there?


> Furthermore, if that's not the case and the assumption is that for a
> non-root user to use pkgsrc they're to have /usr/pkgsrc in some other
> location, how does the editing of mk.conf as mentioned in the FAQ
> relate to this?
> I hope this makes sense!

With separate bootstrap you don't have shared mk.conf, which solves many 


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