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Re: pkgsrc as non-root user?


2011/4/2 Aleksey Cheusov <>:
>> least, you need to set UNPRIVILEGED to “yes”; this will turn on
>> unprivileged mode and set multiple related variables to allow
>> installation of packages as non-root."
>> Which is fine -- I can edit mk.conf as apropriate.
> Variable UNPRIVILEGED is set to YES automatically if you bootstrap
> pkgsrc using 'bootstrap --unprivileged' command. For example,
>   cd /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap
>   ./bootstrap --unprivileged --prefix ~/pkg
> It makes sense you have no access to root or if you want to have
> multiple instances of pkgsrc packages on single host.

I see -- in this case I don't have that requirement.

>> But is the expectation that pkgsrc still resides under "/usr"
> No. It is better to select different location, for example, inside your
> home directory.

OK.  I can experiment.

>> -- and
>> if so, am I supposed to manually fix up the permissions on
>> /usr/pkgsrc/* myself so that a non-root user can rw there?
> I personally always 'chown -R cheusov /usr/pkgsrc' on all my systems.
> I never edit files under /usr/pkgsrc using root.
> You can also have pkgsrc under ~/pkgsrc for example.

I think for now I'll go with pkgsrc under /usr and just chown per your
example, as that seems to be supported.

As an aside, what's the status on DESTDIR now?  I rather like the idea
of package-install creating packages which are then directly
referenced with pkg_add for example.  ISTR reading somewhere though
that full DESTDIR support is still not supported?

Thank you for your help so far, I appreciate it.


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