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Re: wedges on raidframe on wedges

On 3/15/11 8:17 AM, haad wrote:

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM, Louis Guillaume<>  

I have two 2TB drives. They need to be mirrored and cut up in to several
chunks that can be exported via iSCSI and/or NFS. So my first inclination is
to create 1 large wedge on each disk, RAID-1 them together with RaidFrame
and then split up the raid using wedges.

Now this is not that different, I guess, than disklabels on raidframe on
disklabels. But it does bring up a few questions for me...

  o Is there any benefit to creating wedges on raid0 vs. disk-
    labeling it?

  o Consider that the "partitions" on raid0 will be exported via
    iSCSI. What "type" would I use in dkctl raid0 addwedge?

  o Is there any advantage to sharing up the wedges (or partitions)
    vs. creating a filesystem and sharing up sparse files? I can't
    imagine the latter being better for performance!

  o Any other pitfalls wrt wedges that I should be concerned about?

Maybe using LVM LV's as backend storage for those partitions
would be good idea too. It's fast and easily manageable with lvm

Yes - that would be nice. But I need -current for LVM, and I can't go there on this machine. If netbsd-6 gets tagged soon I'll be there!


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