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x86 disklabels - again

I know I've been through the fdisk/disklabel stuff about 10 million times, but somehow it just never seems to take up permanent residency within my brain!

    Why does this topic have to be so darned complicated?  :)

I have a new USB-attached hard drive that I'm going to use as detached off-line backup media. But I need to share it with my Windows laptop.

I assume that I'll create two separate partitions with fdisk, one with type 0x169 (NetBSD) and the other with whatever is the right value for FAT32.

Now, when I create the disklabel for this drive, should the raw-part span the entire drive, or is it only for the NetBSD partition? And should the partition offsets be relative to the start of the disk, or relative to the NetBSD partition start?

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