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Re: Build breakage on netbsd-5, now Results of new NetBSD-5.1_STABLE

I've used pkgsrc/wm/selectwm very happily in the past.

        selectwm is a small application (using GTK+) which lets you select your
        window manager.  It looks for a file named .selectwmrc in the user's
        directory which contains a list of window managers.

        When you start X it should show a list which lets you choose your
        window manager (by double clicking on it with the mouse or with the
        arrow keys and the return or space key)

        To use selectwm, replace the call to your window manager in your
        .xinitrc or .xsession configuration file by a call to selectwm, e.g.:

                # set a solid black background
                xsetroot -solid black

                # start selectwm


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