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Re: patrolling network thoughput

Am Donnerstag 20 Januar 2011, 06:18:42 schrieben Sie:
> Is this a different question than the one that was asked yesterday? If 
> none of the solutions that were suggested fit your needs, then you might 
> consider mrtg. It can create graphs that show bandwidth usage over time.

just btw:
Afaik RRDTool is the "advanced" version of MRTG - Tobi Oetiker byself forked 
MRTG into RRDTool because of the limitations within MRTG (performance, 
graphing options) and he recommends to use RRDTool "within" MRTG too.

Today the name MRTG is often swapped with RRDTool - if someone talks about 
"MRTG" he very often means RRDTool instead - this may confuse others... ;)


RRDTool (as "former" MRTG) is used by many of the solutions discussed here as 
it serves the RRD-Database and graph functions to them. It is delivered with 
some simple example scripts to configure graphes from different data sources, 
but may to "low level" if someone has to monitor more then a few parameters.

If someone plans to implement his own monitoring solution (i.e. within a 
application) RRDTool (and MRTG in parts) may be a very interesting entry.




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