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Re: nis client and shadow passwords


Indeed, a Linux server. I had seen mention of shadow passwords in the
Makefile.yp, but surmised  that this is bit is only relevant for a NetBSD
in a server-side role.

Linux NIS clients *appear* (I could be wrong) to deal with shadow
passwords natively by querying two separate databases (passwd.byid and
shadow.byid), and I expected the NetBSD NIS client to do this too,
especially since NetBSD also uses a (sort-of) shadow password system

While I guess it would be possible to handle this using some server-side
scripting, I am a bit concerned that a) this would be vulnerable to race
conditions, b) may affect operation in a heterogenous network and c) be a
kludge. Of course it can be argued that in a NIS setting shadow password
files are a useless kludge anyway, but it is the norm.

How difficult would it be to modify the NetBSD NIS client?

regards, Theo

> At 11:11 Uhr +0100 19.01.2011, theo borm wrote:
>>I'm tring to set up a NetBSD NIS client. The server stores encrypted
>>passwords in a shadow passord file
> Let me guess: The server runs some Linux OS?
> The Linuxes' /etc/shadow and the NetBSD /etc/master.shadow have very
> different structure. You'd have to script producing a server side
> equivalent of master.passwd, and have /var/yp/Makefile render a
> master.passwd.db from that.
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