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Re: nis client and shadow passwords

Dear Uwe,

My nsswitch.conf file contained:

group: compat
group_compat: nis
hosts: files dns
netgroup: files [notfound=return] nis
networks: files
passwd: compat
passwd_compat: nis

Your suggested changes produce exactly the same result: With a DES password in the non-shadow password file on the NIS server the user can log-in, and without the user can't.

I see no mention of shadow password files in the NetBSD nsswitch.conf manual page (nor any other yp docs that I have looked at).

The Linux manual suggests that the "shadow" database can be used in nsswitch.conf. Adding "shadow: compat" OR "shadow: files nis" to nsswitch.conf doesn't change a thing, however.

So, I'm affraid we're on the wrong track here.

with kind regards,


Uwe Klaus wrote:

How can I force NetBSD to take passwords from the shadow file, and other account details (uid,gid, shell) from the non-shadow password file?

Communications with the server do not seem to be a problem, as I can ypcat passwd.byname and shadow.byname, and yptest returns no errors from NetBSD. If I replace the 'x' in the non-shadow password file with the DES hash of the users' password, the user can log-in to the NetBSD box.
check man nsswitch.conf

/etc/nsswitch.conf should contain
group: files nis
group_compat: nis
passwd: files nis
passwd_compat: nis

Best Regards,

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