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Re: iscsi-initiator problems

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 09:07:24AM -0500, Louis Guillaume wrote:

> >>I *almost* have iscsi-initiator working. Here are my observations when
> >>mounting a target with:
> >>
> >>    iscsi-initiator -u pod -h maat /iscsi
> >[...]
> >>targets. The intent is to use the as Xen virtual disks. Or as LVM PVs.
> >>I'm running -current on the initiator side (5.99.41).
> >
> >I have not even been just as sucessful. May I just ask: is it possible
> >to mount an iSCSI target in NetBSD-5.1 with netbsd-iscsi-initiator from
> >pkgsrc-2010Q3 ?
> You have to add puffs to your kernel (i.e. file-system PUFFS and 
> pseudo-device putter).

Ok. I was trying that on a XEN3PAE_DOM0, and I had assumed that PUFFS is
present, but it's not.

> I'm not sure it works in netbsd-5; only because I  haven't tested that.

I should be able to report soon on that. :-)



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