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iscsi-initiator problems

Hi All,

I *almost* have iscsi-initiator working. Here are my observations when mounting a target with:

   iscsi-initiator -u pod -h maat /iscsi

 o The process remains in the foreground, which doesn't seem right.

 o The mounted file in /iscsi/ doesn't
   seem to be usable because:

   - dd'ing anything to that node yields,

    "dd: /iscsi/
        Function not implemented"

   - Attempting to vnconfig it yields,

     "vnconfig: /dev/rvnd2d: VNDIOCSET: Invalid argument"

So my next step is to figure out what is the best way to use the shared targets. The intent is to use the as Xen virtual disks. Or as LVM PVs. I'm running -current on the initiator side (5.99.41).

Any help would be great. Thanks,


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