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Re: pciback.hide problems with Xen3.3 on 5.1/amd64


>  Downgrading should be fine, just pkg_delete xentools33 and xenkernel33, 
>  make install both xentools3 and xenkernel3.
>  Then report :o

And here it goes:

Yes, downgrading to xenkernel3-3.1.4nb4/xentools3-3.1.4nb6
indeed did the trick.

Just for the record the final working pieces from the configs:




pci = [ '11:01.0' ]

Remember, pcictl sees the device on pci1 as:

017:01:0: 3Com 3c905B-TX 10/100 Ethernet (ethernet network, revision 0x24)

Some additional remarks on the formatting of the device string:
The line pciback.hide = (011:01.0) will be OK too.
Interestingly enough, [ '011:01.0' ] in the vm1.cfg does NOT work,
while [ '0000:11:01.0' ] does.

And xentools3 does NOT support the pci-list/pci-attach/pci-detach

Many thanks Jean-Yves and Ãtienne for bothering with my setup
and giving the right hints towards a working configuration!

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