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Re: ipnat on same interface?

On Thu, Jan 06, 2011 at 11:12:55PM +0100, Lars-Johan Liman wrote:
> Hi!
> Has anyone succeeded in configuring ipnat to do NAT/port forwarding
> to/from the same network interface? 

I'm not sure how wise your setup is[1]. But if you want to do that:

Well, to avoid confusing the NAT code, you can always setup a tap
device (assuming we're talking about Ethernet) and bridge it to
the real device, then use one of them for the internal network.


[1] basically, you need to trust the router to not let the Real Machines
reveal their Real Addresses to the outside, e.g. not route those
addresses at all. The result is that you have to synchronize your
frontent machine configuration with the router configuration, at
least on major reconfiguration.

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