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Is fdisk necessary to partition a second disk exclusively for data?

I am still trying to understand partitioning in NetBSD. I understand
the need to partition the active disk using fdisk, but am I correct in
thinking I don't need to use fdisk to partition a second disk dedicated
entirely to data? Is disklabel partitioning enough for this second disk?

If so, can I offset the data partition at sector 0 or do I need to
offset it at sector 63?

And finally, is a disk partitioned this way able to grow to more than 2
TB? I understand a disk partitioned using fdisk has a 2 TB
partition-size limit, but NetBSD supports enormous partitions of
zetabyes, which makes me think these partitions must be created using
disklabel !!!

I apologise if these are very basic questions for people here. My head
is spinning trying to understand the online documentation.


Gerard Lally

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