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Re: [ask] Sierra Wireless USB Modem Internet Configuration

On 28/12/2010 0:06, Steven Bellovin wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2010, at 11:41 54AM, Aceshura wrote:
>> Hello all, i am a newbie here. And i am a newbie to in Unix-like OS
>> especially BSD. But so far NetBSD is the best OS that i have ever use,
>> It's Great ! ^_^
>> And now, i want to download some package from pkgsrc but i use Sierra
>> Wireless USB Modem, and i use HSDPA/HSPA as my network. But i really
>> don't know how to configure it in NetBSD so i can connect to internet.
>> Can anyone help me how to configure it, or maybe a reference to
>> configure it ?
>> I really appreciate the help:-)
>> Thank you very much...
> The first question is how the device appears to NetBSD.  Boot the system, 
> then insert the device, and copy-and-paste the dmesg output for that device 
> and send it to the list.
> With luck, it will appear as a ucom device or some such.  If so, you need to 
> use pppd to talk.  The second question, though, is what is the configuration 
> and dialing sequence.  If you've tried the device on some other OS, you may 
> be able to copy the sequences from it.  Googling for Linux support might 
> help, too.  Right now, though, we need more information.
>               --Steve Bellovin,
It apperas that the device is detected as /*umass */and cd1 for the 
removable disk.

if it using pppd, i have a copy of the sites which have explain for it, 
but it is used for other modem. Could this work with Sierra modem, the 
one i have the reference is for Novatel Modem.

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