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Re: [ask] Sierra Wireless USB Modem Internet Configuration

On Dec 27, 2010, at 11:41 54AM, Aceshura wrote:

> Hello all, i am a newbie here. And i am a newbie to in Unix-like OS
> especially BSD. But so far NetBSD is the best OS that i have ever use,
> It's Great ! ^_^
> And now, i want to download some package from pkgsrc but i use Sierra
> Wireless USB Modem, and i use HSDPA/HSPA as my network. But i really
> don't know how to configure it in NetBSD so i can connect to internet.
> Can anyone help me how to configure it, or maybe a reference to
> configure it ?
> I really appreciate the help:-)
> Thank you very much...
The first question is how the device appears to NetBSD.  Boot the system, then 
insert the device, and copy-and-paste the dmesg output for that device and send 
it to the list.

With luck, it will appear as a ucom device or some such.  If so, you need to 
use pppd to talk.  The second question, though, is what is the configuration 
and dialing sequence.  If you've tried the device on some other OS, you may be 
able to copy the sequences from it.  Googling for Linux support might help, 
too.  Right now, though, we need more information.

                --Steve Bellovin,

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