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Re: [ask] Sierra Wireless USB Modem Internet Configuration

In article <>, Aceshura  
<> wrote:
>Hello all, i am a newbie here. And i am a newbie to in Unix-like OS
>especially BSD. But so far NetBSD is the best OS that i have ever use,
>It's Great ! ^_^
>And now, i want to download some package from pkgsrc but i use Sierra
>Wireless USB Modem, and i use HSDPA/HSPA as my network. But i really
>don't know how to configure it in NetBSD so i can connect to internet.
>Can anyone help me how to configure it, or maybe a reference to
>configure it ?
>I really appreciate the help:-)
>Thank you very much...

The following are the files I use for my sierra with AT&T.

cp /usr/share/examples/pppd/cingular3G /etc/ppp/peers/
cp /usr/share/examples/pppd/ /etc/ppp/connect/

pppd call cingular3G
ping what-you-want.

If you have a different provider, you'll need to adjust those.
Look in google for the appropriate initialization strings for
your provider.


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