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iSCSI initiator

Hello list,

I'm struggling to "mount" any iSCSI target (from a TS-410 box[1]) on a
fresh install of NetBSD. The kernel running is XEN3PAE_DOM0, and I have
netbsd-iscsi-initiator-20100416 installed. The target box is basically
an ARM-based box, with linux 2.6.33 running open-iscsi, should this be
of any interest.

I have been reading a couple of threads [2][3] in the archives of this
list, I have created /dev/puffs, and I'm trying to:

# isci-initiator -h -u admin /mnt

As expected, the program runs and stays in the foreground, but I never
get anything new under /mnt. Then my questions are: Am I using the correct
package ? Is there a way to get a more verbose/debug-friendly output ?
Any idea on what I have forgotten ?

I have defined a couple of test targets on the TS-410 box, and have
chosen not to have any kind of authentication just to begin with. Is
this supposed to work, or is the CHAP authentication mandatory ?

Thanks for your interest in my questions.



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