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Re: iscsifs

On Tue, 24 Aug 2010, Brook Milligan wrote:

I am trying to use iscsifs.  I have tested it on i386/5.0 and
amd64/5.0.2 boxes.

There have been a lot of pullups to the puffs code in the netbsd-5 branch, so I recommend you use a 5.1 release candidate.

In both cases iscsi-target seems to start fine.
However, when I initiate a connection I get the following (after
adding "nobody:chap:XXX" to /etc/iscsi/auths):

    i386# iscsifs -v -h -u nobody /mnt
    iscsifs: puffs_mount: cannot open /dev/puffs
    iscsifs: puffs_mount: directory "/mnt": Device not configured

cd /dev
sh MAKEDEV putter

Check that your kernel config has:

# Pass-to-Userspace TransporTER, required for puffs(4) and pud(4)
pseudo-device   putter
file-system     PUFFS           # Userspace file systems (e.g. ntfs-3g & sshfs)

    amd64# iscsifs -v -h -u nobody /mnt
    [no response of any kind on the terminal]

Correct operation is "no response of any kind on the terminal" - iscsifs does not detach from the terminal. On another terminal type mount to see what, if anything, has actually happened.

If you are lucky you will see a line like:

/dev/puffs on /xen/iscsi type puffs|refuse:iscsi (nosuid, nodev)

The only relevant information I am able to find is

which seems to illustrate the same problem on a January 2009 -current
system.  The solution given is "modload puffs" prior to the iscsifs
command, but it also says "For 5.0, you will not need the modload
step."  In fact, running "modload /usr/lkm/puffs.o" gives errors on
both machines.

You'll need to compile a kernel with the options in if it not already present.


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