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Re: An old Dell 8200 *dims* the screen...

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 20:42 -0500, "Eric d'Alibut"
<> wrote:
> ...after returning to console from running X.
> The driver is 'radeon:'

I've been seeing this for a while (on 5.0.2/amd64 dual-core).  I don't
have access to the machine right at the moment, but I believe it's
running the radeon driver with no acceleration (I'll check when I get
home).  It looks a bit like a bad bit-shift somewhere in the code that
restores the console after X runs, because the screen gets dimmer every
time I run and exit X, becoming practically unusable (invisible) after
two or three cycles, but I can switch back and forth between the virtual
terminal running X and the others as many times as I like (using
Fn) without any trouble so long as the X session itself doesn't exit.
Haven't had time to look into it (and probably won't for the next few
months), so I can only offer you those meagre hints and my best wishes.

Good luck!

Ian Leroux

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