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Re: Restart services after upgrade


Stefano Marinelli <> writes:

> Hello everybody,
> sometimes I use to upgrade my pkgsrc packages using the
> "pkg_rolling-replace -u". It works perfectly but sometimes some
> services start to behave in a weird mode because they've been upgraded
> and not restarted.
> Is there a way to restart those services (or all the services, one per
> time) instead of rebooting the machine?
> Of course I could manually do a "/etc/rc.d/xxx restart" but this
> involves that I should manually check and know which services (and/or
> deps) have been rebuilt.
> Is there a more automatic way?

Check how /etc/rc and /etc/rc.shutdown do that. The code there is clean enough.

for service in $(reverse_list $(rcorder /etc/rc.d/*)); do $(service) stop; done
for service in $(rcorder /etc/rc.d/*); do $(service) start; done


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