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Re: number of seconds since the epoch

 > I don't see any logic in the ntpd, though, to update the leap seconds
 > file from the NTP server, and it appears to ignore any leap second
 > tables from NTP servers for which it has no public key.  Is there a
 > good way to make this automatic?  I presume will at
 > least have the leap second table -- does it also have a key pair?

    AFAIK, ntp doesn't maintain the file on its own.  It's a trivial
ftp fetch to script; see what I use from cron attached.

    You can get the tai offset and leapsecond file version with
"ntpq -c rv", which is surprisingly lacking in the right bits when
querying  However, nist does firmly state that they
support ntp crypto associations given some hoop jumping:

    I absolutely can't speak for ntp's ability to transfer anything
past a leap second warning; it not something I've tried previously.  I
did just setup a client in symmetric key mode for giggles, and as yet
it shows no sign of picking up the tai offset.  Maybe autokey is

 > (I suppose such questions are better asked on an NTP mailing list.)

    Quite possibly.  Hope this doesn't turn into a rathole compared to
kre's suggestion.

# Fetch a new leap seconds file from nist.

set -e

cd /etc/ntp

ftp -V -o leap-seconds.list.$$

mv leap-seconds.list leap-seconds.list.old
mv leap-seconds.list.$$ leap-seconds.list

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