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Re: NetBSD-userwiki (old

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 3:04 PM, George Georgalis <> 

> Perhaps there is a wiki software or module that will allow users
> to select the "wild" revision vs the controlled "authorized"
> developer revision. A sort of meta-moderation, so a page can
> be updated by anyone willing to contribute, but users looking
> for information have an easy way to choose to audit the content
> themselves or depend on the (trivial) update/confirmation bit that
> comes from a developer edit.

We're doing something similar. Every page on the NetBSD wiki has two sections:

* Content editable by developers only, followed by
* Content editable by anyone with a "registered" OpenID.

This way, every wiki page is editable (in whole or in part) by
everyone, while making the content's provenance clear to the casual

That's the idea, anyway. Many rough edges need to be sanded down for
the implementation to become usable. That's the main reason we're not
yet open for contributions by our users, and in turn, that's why we
haven't yet made any big announcements about NetBSD having an official
wiki. User contributions are a must-have! The work left to be done
here lies mostly in the Perly guts of ikiwiki.

A more parallelizable to-do item: convert worthwhile content from the
old wiki into Markdown format for the new wiki. I have some thoughts
on this at 
In short, there may be existing code we can use to help with the
conversion. But if what happens instead is that everyone hand-converts
the content they personally care about, that sounds great too. :-)

I appreciate everyone's interest, and hope to be able to report some
progress in the coming weeks.

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