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NetBSD-userwiki (old


I have just remembered that the NetBSD-userwiki is offline for quite a while
now and I didn't find any discussions or attempts to bring it fully
functional back online.
There were several offers to host it, but I think it's obvious you can't give
the database just to 'anybody'.

Though now points to, the discussion about
letting users contribute content is rather small and incomplete, in any way
without result.

So, what will happen now? The .org-wiki seems to be developer-only
furthermore, and for five months there is no editable user-wiki. At least
none that could be found via google within the first fifty results.

Is there any approach towards a new functional user-wiki for NetBSD?
I see four possibilities:

 * The user-wiki will be linked to TNF and somehow hosted by them. Then you
   would be just in need of a good strategy, time and people willing to do
   it to bring it back online.

 * The user-wiki will be implemented as part of the developer-wiki on, which doesn't seem that favoured.

 * The user-wiki will be hosted by a company that is good-willed towards
   NetBSD and will last for a few years. This would then be financed by a
   company and dependent on them, but administrated from the NetBSD-side.
   This is clearly 

 * The user-wiki will be hosted by a user or a destined group of users and
   administrated by users. In that case, this single entity is spof for the
   whole wiki.

Not depending on the solution, storage-, traffic- and load-statistics of the
old wiki and the growth rate would be interesting for anybody who wants to
work an a new solution.
Is this data available somewhere or can be achieved? Public availability
would help anyone who is interested in helping building a new wiki.

If this discussion was already made or is actually happening on another list
I'm not subscribed, please let me know, then this thread is clearly redundant.
Anyway, I think netbsd-users is the right list for the user-wiki.

Regards, Julian Fagir

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