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Re: Compile and Install from Linux-source


On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 06:51:06AM +0200, herbert langhans wrote:
> Hi List,
> it may sound trivial, but I am not quite sure, how to install a Linux
> application from the source code. 
> Mainly I would need a hint in what directories I have to untar the source. 
when you install from the source, you do not install a linux app
(strictly speaking) as the C compiler toolchain will compile to the
architecture's native format (netbsd-i386 for example). It can be
considered a linux app if it does not compile cleanly on netbsd :).
From this you can see that it will install to the place you specify, by
default possibly to /usr/local. If you would like to compile it into a
linux binary, i thing you still do not need to install it into the
emulator directory, only the infrastructure lives there, but i might be
wrong on this point. The emulator or the native environment is set up
based on the binary type i think.
> And then I use make config and make install? Does NetBSD know that these
> files will install in /usr/pkg/emul/linux ?
> Another issue is Opera 10.63 - I have the already compiled package from
> the Opera website here. But what directory are these files supposed to
> end up? What to tell the installation program?
You can simply install into your home, or /opt/ or /usr/local ,the
system will see in the binary elf header that it is for linux, and treat
it apropriately.
> I have a rather clean NetBSD environment here, applications are all
> installed as binaries by pkg_add - I dont want to spoil the file
> hierarchy and scatter Linux applications blindly in there. 
> Linux emulation is installed, I already have the (outdated) Opera 9.64
> running. 
btw linux emulation is updated in the work in progress -CURRENT tree, should 
you run into
incompatibility with newer operas.

Yours Sincerely, 
 GÃbor Gergely
BÃzzÃl Istenben, Ãs tartsd szÃrazon a puskaport!
Put your trust in God, and keep the gunpowder dry!

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