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Compile and Install from Linux-source

Hi List,
it may sound trivial, but I am not quite sure, how to install a Linux
application from the source code. 

Mainly I would need a hint in what directories I have to untar the source. 

And then I use make config and make install? Does NetBSD know that these
files will install in /usr/pkg/emul/linux ?

Another issue is Opera 10.63 - I have the already compiled package from
the Opera website here. But what directory are these files supposed to
end up? What to tell the installation program?

I have a rather clean NetBSD environment here, applications are all
installed as binaries by pkg_add - I dont want to spoil the file
hierarchy and scatter Linux applications blindly in there. 

Linux emulation is installed, I already have the (outdated) Opera 9.64

How do you do this? All input and ideas welcome!
herb langhans

sprachtraining langhans
herbert langhans, warschau
+0048 603 341 441

| jabber:herbs
| icq:414500866
| yahoo_im:herbert.raimund

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