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Re: recommendations of hardware for virtual machine host?

"Malcolm Herbert" <> writes:

> I'm interested in setting up a host with large amounts of disk, CPU and
> memory resources for creating Xen-managed virtual hosts.  Have others
> done this with NetBSD and have any pointers for me?
> So far I'm looking for a host with an MSI X58M motherboard - Intel i7
> 950 (3GHz, quad core), 12GB of RAM and twin 1TB SATA disks.
> I'm also more used to much smaller (<2GB RAM, 500GB disk max) hosts -
> what gotchas are there for running NetBSD on hardware of this size?

I have machines with 2 and 4 cores, 8G and 16G ram, dual 1TB (raid1)
drives, and they are ok (amd64).  For xen think hard about how many
guests and how much ram they need.  I run trac under domUs and it is
piggy, leading to 1G ram per domU, which eats into 12G fast.
cpu and disk have been less of an issue for me.

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