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Re: X11 intel driver on Lenovo t510/GMA HD

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 12:49:51AM -0700, john heasley wrote:
> I'm trying to come up with the video device/screen portions of xorg.conf
> (on current) for an Intel GMA HD in a Lenovo t510 ("descrete graphics").
> I can't seem to make sense of which chips the xorg Intel driver supports.
> seems to
> indicate that the GMA HD is a mobile-packaged version of the
> i3-5x0/Clarkdale which is a GMA 500/Poulsbo?
> seems to indicate that the G5*
> is not yet supported by xf86-video-intel.  But, I've seen several Linux
> forum posts indicating that it is, though I think they have a more recent
> version (2.9.1?) of the driver, which itself requires a more recent version
> of the xorg libs.  However, I see no indication in the driver's NEWS file
> that the G5* support has been added.
> I believe this t510 is capable of 1600x900, but 1280x800 seems to be the
> greatest supported by the vesa driver, which i have managed to get.  I
> still want the 1600x900, of course.
> clues?
i3-500 sounds like something with the new on-CPU-die GPU.
Everything that new needs a xf86-video-intel that's currently
incompatible with NetBSD.  Well, at least until we port/implement
GEM and KMS in our kernel ...

It seems OpenBSD has implemented GEM in their drm(4)/inteldrm(4), and
restored UMS into a version of xf86-video-intel.

        Jonathan Kollasch

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