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Re: Lingua franca file system Linux-NetBSD-FreeBSD?

From "Antti Kantee" <>:

> You can access NetBSD file systems on Linux with fs-utils from
> pkgsrc.  Considering fs-utils uses NetBSD file system code, it's
> as safe as it gets.

That should be helpful, I might not even need to download and unpack the whole 
pkgsrc to Linux for that purpose.  I think Linux might be able to read a NetBSD 
disklabel like an extended partition but can't be sure if it would work if 
NetBSD slice contains more partitions than just root and swap.  Not quite as 
good as more direct mounting access, considering the possible desire to 
symbolic-link from NetBSD to an Adobe Flash player Linux version, but that 
would apply from NetBSD to Linux partition and not from Linux to NetBSD 

I think the newfs command for ext2fs is newfs_ext2fs and not newfs_ext2?  While 
it's probably quite OK to format a partition for FAT32 from Linux (mkdosfs) or 
*BSD and then install FreeDOS, I think that, for a partition where Linux is to 
be installed, it would be preferable to format said partition from Linux rather 
than *BSD.  I would be less fussy for a nonbootable data partition.


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