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Re: how to shut down NetBSD.

On Sat, 14 Aug 2010, Thomas Mueller wrote:

What I see in shutdown.png (URL above) looks normal to me. I've had that happen to me, but don't remember which NetBSD version it was.

While on the subject, I have since the upgrade to 5.0_STABLE (and onwards on the -5 branch to _RC1) suffered occasional failures to actually power off (using poweroff or shutdown -p) my nForce4 chipset amd64 x2 box.

Every once in a while it gets stuck in limbo instead; it shows all signs of powering off, including the "going to acpi mode 5" (or whatever it is) message on the console before the screen goes blank. But the hard disks and fans never turn off. I can't remember if the chassis power-on LED stays on, too. It is as if the box powers off everything but the fans and the hard disks, which keep spinning.

Anyone else seen this?

Best regards,

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