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Re: disklabel writing behavior?


I wonder nobody else answered, so I'll do. This is one of the usual topics
you are always absolutely sure about, but if someone asks, you have to admit
that you never looked at the source code and always only 'had that
behaviour', but don't know for sure about the general case.

So, I'll assume that the behaviour I always assumed and experienced on my
machines is the general case (as it is the only one that would make sense).

> How does NetBSD disklabel behave when writing a disklabel when the disk
> involved has multiple slices/BIOS partitions?  Does the disklabel go only
> on the NetBSD partition, or can it intrude on another partition where
> another OS, like FreeBSD, Linux or DOS is installed?
No, the disklabel is only written onto the slice you chose to.

> Anyway, it's always a good idea to keep a copy of the partition table and
> disklabels on a separate msdos-formatted disk, can be a floppy or USB stick.
That's what I do too (except the format and medium) - always having a copy of
the mbr or disklabel somewhere else.

Regards, Julian Fagir

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