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Re: Porting Documentation

Charles Nelson <> wrote:

> I've already read these documents and actually found them very
> helpful in working on other projects.  But now I'm interested in the
> AVR32 architecture and I've found an earlier reference (2006) where
> someone implies that a port is underway but it looks like no one has
> made a real attempt at it.  I'm attempting to bid on a contract and
> I've got 3 months to build a proof of concept.

I don't think anyone is working on NetBSD/avr32 port.

They released the toolchain to comply with the GPL, but looks like
they never fed the patches upstream.  Since it's unlikely that you
will need to compile anything natively on the avr32 itself :), you
should be able to just use their toolchain for now to build netbsd by
pointing EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN to it.

fvdl's paper (amd64) is a good starting point as it describes porting
to a completely new architecture.  He says he did it in 6 weeks, but
he could borrow some code from i386.  From my cursory look at avr32
docs, it looks mips'ish enough to be able to borrow some code (pmap?)
from mips or sh3 ports.


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