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Re: NetBSD, Android, and VPN

Use the native VPN Client bundled with your Android (whichever you are using
- missing facts here) if you have a never fon (mostly running Android 2.x).
If you have an older one you must root your fon and put OpenVPN on it (works

On NetBSD Server set up L2TP/IPSec VPN which should work best with different
mobiles (Symbian/Android/Win).

2010/7/21 Jukka Marin <>

> Hi,
> What is the easiest (and still secure) way of accessing a NetBSD server
> from an Android phone using VPN?  I have been using OpenVPN and like it
> because it's very simple to set up and Just Works - but it's not available
> on Android phones without rooting the phone (which I don't want or dare to
> do at the moment),
> Any experience, anyone?
> Thanks,
>  -jm

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