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Re: Firewall OS choice


On Jul 21, 2010, at 9:36 AM, Michael T. Davis wrote:
>       I'm really just intersted in the appropriateness of leveraging
> parameter expansion in a /etc/rc.d sh script at the conceptual level.  Is
> there any reason to avoid this?  If not, would my proposed change to
> /etc/rc.d/ipnat work as intended?

I've seen others use this to set a variable to a default if it is not already 
set, so there's nothing wrong with the approach you are taking.

However, I think it is also true that having some kind of default config which 
lists all values, and then reading a user-changed file containing only the 
things which the user has changed works quite well.  It's also nice when a 
program can (re)generate the "default" defaults (eg "postconf -d")...


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