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Re: Firewall OS choice

At 11:20:24.91 on 21-JUL-2010 in message
<>, Martin Husemann
<> wrote:

>On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 11:07:00AM -0400, Michael T. Davis wrote:
>> I would like to provide for a user-specified file, so is there anything
> wrong
>> with this...?
>> config="${ipnat_conf:-/etc/ipnat.conf}"
>You can create a /etc/rc.conf.d/ipfilter file wich has
>This will be sourced before running the actual commands but after the defaults
>have been set in /etc/rc.d/ipfilter. But you better overwrite stop_precmd
>there as well.

        ...But if I'm going to need to edit /etc/rc/d/ipfilter, anyway, why
not just keep everything self-contained in that file?

        I'm really just intersted in the appropriateness of leveraging
parameter expansion in a /etc/rc.d sh script at the conceptual level.  Is
there any reason to avoid this?  If not, would my proposed change to
/etc/rc.d/ipnat work as intended?


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