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Firewall OS choice

        We have an ancient firewall installed in one area running OpenBSD 2.8
and IPFilter v3.3.18.  It's hardware is configured as an "appliance," so
updating the software isn't all that straightforward (to put it nicely).  I am
contemplating upgrading the hardware, and switching to a BSD flavor that
continues to provide built-in support for IPFilter.  Besides NetBSD, I'm also
considering FreeBSD.  I realize the responses here will be somewhat biased
(;-), but is NetBSD a good choice for this application, esp. compared to
FreeBSD (or vice versa)?

        On a related note, the support for IPFilter in NetBSD 5.0.2 doesn't
seem to provide a mechanism for specifying an alternate configuration file;
it's hardcoded to use /etc/ipf.conf and/or /etc/ipf6.conf.  With the ancient
IPFilter build in the aforementioned environment, there was native support
for specifying a different file.  I have modified /etc/rc.d/ipfilter and
/etc/rc.d/ipnat in NetBSD 5.0.2 to provide for specifying different
configuration files.  Where is the best place to post my diffs and allow
others to evaluate them?


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